Custom Stock Alerts

Follow a lot of stocks? Don't want to watch the market on a daily basis? Custom Stock Alerts is made for you. Quickly and easily stay on top of all the stocks in your portfolio or watchlist by creating custom alerts. Don't miss out on an opportunity because you weren't aware.

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Alert Types

There is more to watching a stock than just watching the price! With alert types like 52 week high or low, daily percent change, PE ratio limits or dividend yield limits, this is a tool for every investor. More alert types will be coming in the future!

Powerful Platform

Quickly and easily create a list of stock alerts that are tailored to your needs. Rapidly enter data, edit existing alerts, remove alerts that are no longer needed. The tool is designed to be easy to use and features powerful features The alerts table features a flexible search, paging, sorting and is mobile friendly.

Text Or Email Alerts

Once you have your alerts established, stay on top where you are! You can choose to receive alerts via email or by text.

Large Universe

Database of over 7500 individual tickers including stocks, bonds, ETFs, preferred shares and ADRs. Your favorite companies from the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ.

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